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EmVi Glamoure

Self Adhesive Lash Strips

Self Adhesive Lash Strips

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EmVi Glamoure's Lash Adhesive Strips are your secret to flawless, fuss-free lashes. These adhesive strips come in both black and clear options, providing versatile solutions for your lash needs.

The black strips add a touch of subtle definition to your lash line, eliminating the need for eyeliner, while securely holding your lashes in place. On the other hand, the clear strips provide an invisible hold, ensuring your lashes blend seamlessly with your natural ones.

Easy to apply and ultra-reliable, EmVi Glamoure's Lash Adhesive Strips make lash application a breeze. Say goodbye to messy liquid adhesives and hello to effortless beauty. With these strips, your lashes will stay in place all day, giving you the confidence to slay any look. Get ready to enhance your eyes with EmVi Glamoure's Lash Adhesive Strips in both black and clear for the ultimate lash experience.

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