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EmVi Glamoure

Duo Shower/Bonnet

Duo Shower/Bonnet

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The perfect combination for versatile hair care protection! This innovative product is designed to protect your hair at all cost, offering dual functionality in one stylish package.

The shower cap ensures your hair stays dry and protected during showers, preserving your hairstyle and preventing frizz. Its high-quality, water-resistant material ensures durability and comfort.

Meanwhile, the bonnet, made from gentle, satin-like fabric, provides a snug fit to keep your hair in place while you sleep. Wake up to tangle-free, beautifully styled hair every morning.

Whether you're shielding your locks from water or preserving your hairstyle overnight, our Duo Shower Cap and Bonnet is the ultimate solution for a seamless and stylish hair care routine. Upgrade your self-care game with this must-have duo!

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